1. Lovely Louisville

    What a fun Twelve in Louisville! It was our first-ever brunch as part of the series, and it was absolutely delicious. Since it fell on a weekend that a big music festival was happening in town, we didn’t have our normal full attendance. That may have been a good thing though, because we ate entirely too much as it was! 

    We set up in Lee Ann Massey’s adorable shotgun house off of Frankfort Avenue with a bright red front door. Her kitchen has three skylights that let in an abundance of natural light, which set the perfect mood for brunch. With the table being right next to the stove and oven, we got an intimate view of our food being prepared as we sipped on bourbon-inspired drinks. Louisville is near the top of our favorite southern cities, and it didn’t disappoint on this trip. Thanks for a wonderful weekend to those we shared it with!

    To see what they created for yourself, check-out all of the pictures and recipes on our Pinterest page, as well as our hashtag #twelvesupper on Instagram! Photos by james Martin.

    We are ready to announce our next Twelve in Atlanta! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 17th. If you would like to join us, please send us an email, and we will post our official guest list next week! 





  2. Upcoming Twelve Announcements


    The next Atlanta Twelve will be on June 23rd!! If you want to join us for this amazing feast, shoot us an email. We will be randomly drawing guest names next week along with inspiration word assignments!

    Our next southern city Twelve will be Louisville on July 14th! This one is close to being full, so we can’t guarantee any openings. However if you are interested, please still send us an email in case something changes.

    In the meantime, eat well and stay happy.


  3. Atlanta Twelve - 4/27/13

    Another fantastic Twelve in Atlanta is on the books!  Our new location in Reynoldstown was the perfect setting for our Sunday event, and the rain added just the right amount of coziness.  This was our first Twelve to have eleven guests, since someone was unable to come due to illness a few hours in advance.  It still felt like the perfect amount of people and food! 

    To see what they created for yourself, check-out all of the pictures and recipes on our Pinterest page, as well as our hashtag #twelvesupper on Instagram! Photos by james Martin.

    Our next southern city will be announced in the very near future, as well as some hosted events by previous guests coming up soon! 




  4. Twelve in Atlanta Round 3!

    This weekend will be our first Atlanta TWELVE in our new Reynoldstown location! We are very excited to host in this new space, as it represents everything we love about the city: creativity and community. Follow our guests progress here as we all prepare for another amazing feast!

    Aperitif Punch as well as an amuse-bouche:
    Katie Anderson - Free

    Course 1, Appetizer:
    Jeff Pierce - Flutter
    Wes Benel - Swirl

    Course 2, Soup/Salad/Etc:
    Brittany Keith - Movement
    Raquel Caldwell - Stretch
    Becca Griesemer (alcohol pairing) - Private

    Course 3, Main:
    James Martin - Thick
    Jen West - Wander
    Katie Odell (alcohol pairing) -  Small

    Course 4, Dessert:
    Mark Godwin - Pressure
    Kristen Benel - System
    Susan Stone (alcohol pairing) - Accelerate



  5. Birmingham Twelve - 4/21/13, Hosted by Morgan Reaves

    This was our first-ever Twelve Supper hosted by a previous guest!  Morgan Reaves knocked it out of the park with location, decor and organization.  This was Birmingham’s second Twelve, and of course they filled up the table fast while making some pretty fantastic food.  Since we were in Atlanta at the time of the event, we lived vicariously through all of the photos they posted throughout the evening. It’s a little like giving something very precious away for someone else to borrow, and we couldn’t be happier with the way it was returned to us!  Birmingham knows how to represent.

    To see what they created for yourself, check-out all of the pictures and recipes on our Pinterest page, as well as our hashtag #twelvesupper on Instagram! Photos by Morgan Reaves.






  6. Twelve in Birmingham Round 2!

    We’re so excited that one of our guests from the first Birmingham Twelve has decided to head up his own dinner. We received over 40 folks that were interested and can’t wait to host more suppers in Bham in the future. If you are intersted, please sign up on our mailing list here

    Here are the people and words for the 2nd Birmingham Twelve:

    aperitif punch (welcome drink) 

    Jennifer Howell, your word is Forest


    Ellen Hopping, your word is Gallery

    course 1, appetizer, 7pm:

    Sarah Carlson, your word is Whiskey

    course 2, soup/salad/etc: 

    Sara Williamson, your word is Bare

    Dan Gavin, your word is Railway

    Kate Evans (alcohol), your word is Dance

    course 3, main:

    Christy Turnipseed, your word is Machine

    Ashley McGrane, your word is Flirt

    Morgan Reaves (alcohol), your word is Film

    course 4, dessert:

    Karin Fecteau, your word is Wave

    Josh Hicks, your word is Queen

    Erin Esskuchen (alcohol), your word is Tornado


  7. Nashville Recap and Upcoming Twelves!

    Nashville was so amazing, and lived up to all of our expectations!  Emily and Chuck Beard were gracious hosts letting us utilize their gorgeous dining area and table. The absolute best part about Twelve, even more than the delicious food, is getting to meet new folks.  We were very lucky to share such a wonderful evening with this group. To see what they created, check-out all of the pictures and recipes on our Pinterest page, as well as our hashtag #twelvesupper on Instagram!

    Two exciting announcements:

    There will be another Birmingham Twelve on 4/21 hosted by Morgan Reaves!  Please email us with the subject line “Birmingham in April” if you are interested in throwing your name in the hat.  As always, names will be drawn at random. 

    Our next Atlanta Twelve will be 4/28 at our new location in Reynoldstown!  If you want to attend, please send us an email with the subject line “Atlanta in April.”  We can’t wait to host our first gathering in the space!

    Until next time, keep creating and sharing.







  8. Inaugural Nashville TWELVE

    When we were brainstorming southern cities to visit for Twelve, Nashville was high on our list.  Their creative community embraces initiatives such as this one, and of course we have several friends who live there that were able to help us spread the word.  During our last visit with our friends Chuck and Emily Beard (who will also be hosting Twelve) we fell absolutely in love with the East Nashville neighborhood.  We can’t wait to spend some time exploring during our down time to absorb even more of the city’s energy.  

    If you are interested in participating in a future Twelve or would like to host one of your own, shoot us an email here. Follow all of our participants as they create their masterpieces via our hashtag #twelvesupper on Twitter and Instagram.  As always, on Tuesday we will post all about our dinner and share Pinterest photos along with the recipes!



  9. Atlanta Twelve, March 3rd Recap & Photos

    Our all-vegetarian Twelve was so delicious, we had several guests say that it was literally the best veggie meal they’ve ever had!  We even enjoyed a fantastically prepared burger that would rival any meat-eater’s version.  At this particular dinner we had a lot of guests who were strangers as they walked in the door, but left as dear friends. The conversation was especially productive and centered around equality and healthier living.  Thanks to everyone who came prepared with their favorite veggie dish in-hand and giving spirit.  It is a night we will always remember!  Be sure to check-out all of the pictures and recipes on our Pinterest page, as well as our hashtag #twelvesupper on Instagram

    Stay tuned for our next Twelve invitation for Nashville scheduled for March 24th.  If you are interested in attending, please shoot us an email with the subject “nashville dinner!” in the next few days!  In the meantime, happy eating and sharing.






    Cocktail winner Courtney Ferencik and dish winner Veronique Vanblaere with their prizes!


  10. the guests!